Faithful to our roots, but eager to expand. Headquartered in Senago, a stone's throw from Alfa Romeo, Resistor fits in the popular Italian tradition in the field of Automobile, Engines and relevant Aftermarket.
From the productive and efficient northern Italy – with meticulousness, rigor and planning – we have then approached the export markets, armed with a branched commercial network and a young and motivated team, which can ensure us a growth in the mid-long term.
Resistor has nowadays partners in ample strategic geographical areas endowed with power of purchase, for a total of 50 countries around the world: from each of same we have tried to take the best, to learn, to tune and to understand the local mentality and needs. In order to become a company truly competitive at international level.

At a glance:
  • Presence in 50 countries in the World
  • Capillary Sales Network
  • Customers in strategic areas for population and purchasing power
  • Project capability in the mid-long term: low average age of employees
  • "Made In": Senago, home of Resistor, is located at a stone's throw from Alfa Romeo